Sunday, 3 February 2019

Best Oka (raw rish in coconut cream) in Vaigaga...

Best fresh 'oka' in Vaigaga 
 One of the best places in Samoa to pick up Oka (raw fish in coconut cream) is in one of my Aunty's village of Vaigaga. You have a choice of many fresh fish to purchase daily or you can buy a cup of delicious spiced oka worth SAT$6 with or without bones.

So everytime we pass close by we, when we get a chance, we buy some oka in which you can taste the lime/lemon, cucumbers and hot pepper to either consume on their picnic tables with a SAT$1 boiled green banana, or we take it home to place in the fridge to eat with the next family meal.

You gotta believe that it doesn't last long in our family ie. it doesn't last to the next day and then we're craving for more. So no fancy restaurants for us (except we we're out visiting on a special occasion) as when we go to Samoa it's just at the local markets to support our local families or the local supermarket.

So if ever you're in Samoa and you're wanting to check out some fresh oka, don't go past the village of Vaigaga which is only a 5 - 10 minute drive (depending on traffic conditions) as it's sure to whet your 'oka' wanting appetite...

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