Monday, 24 July 2017

Listening to Pastor Robert Madu...

Yesterday, went to a great morning church service at Life (South Campus) and got to listen to Ps Robert Madu who was in NZ speaking at a conference and originally from Texas, USA. He was a pretty amazing communicator and also very entertaining but with a very important message about not comparing yourself to others but to run your race with the talents that you've been gifted with.

In thinking to blog about his message, I checked out his website and found that he talks all over the USA weekly and with overseas speaking engagements i.e. also at Hillsong, Sydney Australia etc. with his neat style of preaching which he says is "hollerback" preaching in which he likes it when people give feedback whilst he preaches.

He is also an African American i.e. father is from Nigeria and mother is a black American from the USA and he is married with two children. His anecdotes were so funny with this references to social media which he is a regular on as well as his references to black American culture.

Definitely someone neat to listen to with many messages on YouTube such as this interview but also many other speaking engagements that he's had all over America...

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